Emerging Technologies

MPEG is constantly developing exploring new technologies.

Calls from MPEG 135


4Immersive AudioMPEG-I Immersive Audio CfP Supplemental Information, Recommendations and Clarifications, Version 1
4Immersive AudioMPEG-I Immersive Audio CfP Document Set
12Immersive VideoCall for MPEG-I Visual Test Materials


Request for offers to host a MPEG meeting (MPEG 140 - MPEG 146)

Whitepapers from MPEG 135


White paper on Versatile Video Coding (VVC)
White paper on MPEG-G and its application of regulations and privacy

Documents from other meetings:
MPEG 135, MPEG 134, MPEG 133, MPEG 132, MPEG 131