Explorations: Haptics Support

Standard: Explorations
Part: 40

Meeting documents

MPEG 133

Publication dateTitle
2021-02-01Revised Draft Call for Proposals on the Coded Representation of Haptics - Phase 1
2021-02-01Draft Submissions and Evaluation Procedures for the Haptics CfP - Phase 1
2021-02-01Draft MPEG CE Methodology for Haptics
2021-02-01Revised Draft Encoder Input Format for Haptics

MPEG 134

Publication dateTitle
0000-00-00Call for Proposals for the Coded Representation of Haptics; Phase 1
0000-00-00Submissions and Evaluation Procedures for Haptics CfP – Phase 1
0000-00-00Encoder Input Format for Haptics
0000-00-00MPEG CE Methodology for Haptics