WG 6 – MPEG Audio Coding

Terms of reference: Development of international standards for coded digital representation of audio and associated metadata with the following programme of work

  • Serve as responsible body within ISO/IEC for recommending a set of standards consistent with the scope of work:
  • Cooperate with other standardisation bodies dealing with similar or complementary applications;
  • Define relevant input audio material and information target presentation devices;
  • Develop efficient audio encoding-decoding algorithms based on responses to Calls for Proposals;
  • Identify metadata to describe properties of audio signals and algorithms to extract this metadata;
  • Develop algorithms for and metadata to facilitate high-quality audio rendering for presentation;
  • Propose standards for the coded representation of audio information;
  • Propose standards for the coded representation of audio metadata;
  • Propose standards for the coded representation of audio metadata and audio rendering information;
  • Provide source code implementation of proposed standards;
  • Assess complexity of audio coding-decoding algorithms;
  • Define, organize and conduct subjective testing to assess the quality of assess the quality of proposed and standardized audio technology;
  • Solicit inputs from and engage in liaison with external bodies;
  • Perform explorations of possible new technology within the scope of work.