WG 7 – MPEG Coding of 3D Graphics

The WG 7 MPEG Coding of 3D Graphics has as mandate to develop standards for coding of n-dimensional data representations, computer generated or captured from the physical world by using various modalities. Such representations include 3D graphics objects and environments. The WG 7 addresses as well the integration of synthetic and natural content with interaction and user related information, resulting in a meaningful interactive, dynamic and, potentially, immersive experiences.

Terms of reference: Coding of 3D data representations, computer generated or captured from the physical world, of 3D graphics objects and environments and integration of natural and synthetic audio, video and interaction information, with the following scope of work:

  • Serve as responsible body within ISO/IEC for recommending a set of standards consistent with the area of work;
  • Cooperate with other standardisation bodies dealing with similar applications;
  • Develop efficient coding-decoding algorithms for internally and externally defined 3D Graphics specifications and associated metadata;
  • Provide source code implementation of proposed standards;
  • Establish performance analysis criteria;
  • Analyse performance by core experiments;
  • Define, organize and conduct subjective assessment tests that assess the quality of 3D graphics coding-decoding algorithms;
  • Establish complexity analysis criteria;
  • Perform complexity analysis for representative sets of tools and algorithms;
  • Solicit inputs from and engage in liaison with external bodies
  • Perform explorations with respect to new technology trend areas within the scope of work.