WG 3 – MPEG Systems

Terms of reference: Coded Representation of Encapsulation Formats, Delivery Protocols, Multimedia Presentation Information; and Schemes for Declaring, and Description of Multimedia Content and Related Information, with the following programme of work:

  • Serve as responsible body within ISO/IEC for recommending a set of standards consistent with the scope;
  • Cooperate with other standardisation bodies dealing with similar applications;
  • Develop international standards within the scope of work and integrate external standards with the goal to enable:
    • Carriage of content and related information on SC 29 specific delivery mechanisms, such as carriage in MPEG-2 Systems, ISO Base Media File Format (ISOBMFF including – but not limited to – DASH, CMAF, etc.), MPEG Media Transport (MMT), and jointly with (non-SC 29 specific) delivery mechanisms, such as Internet Protocols, developed by other standards bodies;
    • Presentation of a combination of coded media such as text, images, graphics, audio, moving images, immersive media, haptics and related information;
    • API to process and deliver content;
    • Schemes for declaring and describing multimedia content;
    • Common content encryption mechanisms to ensure interoperability of DRMs;
    • Licence and contract-based management of intellectual property rights in the MPEG-21 framework;
    • Digital representations common to all media types that do not belong to other groups;
  • Develop international standards for other content types such as fonts;
  • Test and validate the effective, efficient and extensible operation of the developed standards;
  • Verify the end-to-end operation e.g., with walkthroughs to ensure overall consistency, coherence and completeness;
  • Provide source code implementation of proposed standards;
  • Perform explorations with respect to new technology trend areas within the scope of work.