AG 5 – MPEG Visual Quality Assessment

Terms of reference: To support needs for quality assessment testing in close coordination with the relevant MPEG Working Groups, dealing with visual quality, with the following activities:

  • To assess the visual quality of new technologies to be considered to begin a new standardization project;
  • To contribute to the definition of Calls for Proposals (CfPs) for new standardization work items;
  • To select and design subjective quality evaluation methodologies and objective quality metrics for the assessment of visual coding technologies, e.g. in the context of a Call for Evidence (CfE) and CfP;
  • To contribute to the selection of test material and coding conditions for a CfP;
  • To define the procedures useful to assess the visual quality of the submissions to a CfP;
  • To design and conduct visual quality tests, process and analyse the raw data, and make the report of the evaluation results available conclusively;
  • To support in the assessment of the final status of a standard, verifying its performance compared to the existing standard(s);
  • To maintain databases of test material;
  • To recommend guidelines for selection of testing laboratories (verifying their current capabilities);
  • To liaise with ITU and other relevant organizations on the creation of new Quality Assessment standards or the improvement of the existing ones.