Immersive Video
Part: 7

Genome compression
Part: 9

3D Printing
Part: 18
A 3D Printer is seen as an actuator in MPEG-V

Advance signalling of MPEG containers content
Part: 23

Compressed representation of neural networks
Part: 29

Data Compression
Part: 32

MPEG-21 Based Smart Contracts
Part: 33

Video Coding for Machines
Part: 34

Neural Network-based Video Compression
Part: 36

Systems Functionalities for Video Conformance
Part: 38

Exploration on Encoder and Packager Synchronization
Part: 39

Haptics Support
Part: 40

Enhanced compression beyond VVC capability
Part: 41

Future Capabilities for MPEG-I
Part: 42

Dynamic Mesh Coding
Part: 43

AI-based coding for graphics
Part: 44

Meeting documents

MPEG 132

Publication dateTitle
2020-11-03Draft Call for Proposals on the Coded Representation of Haptics. Phase 1
2020-10-23Draft Encoder Input Format for MPEG Haptics

MPEG 137

Publication dateTitle
0000-00-00Exploration experiment on neural network-based video coding (EE1)
0000-00-00Exploration experiment on enhanced compression beyond VVC capability (EE2)
0000-00-00Algorithm description of Enhanced Compression Model 4 (ECM 4)